Odour Control
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Odour Control

Atana supply odour elininating products which destroy odours immediately by changing their molecular structure, and works across the entire spectrum of organic odour molecules. Atana's odour eliminators can be supplied:

Airfresh & Aircitrus

  • with a fragrance or fragrance-free
  • anti-bacterial to prevent growth of legionella and other pathogens in misting systems
  • airfresh & aircitrus
  • the odour destructive eliminator emulsion supplied in IBC or 25 litre carbouy.


The origin of what is considered to be the worst odour is hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which has a characteristic smell of rotten eggs and is also an extremely toxic gas, with its by-product causing severe corrosion of sewer systems.  Lack of oxygen is the prime cause of hydrogen sulphide formation, with hydrogen sulphide produced by bacteria in an anaerobic environment when sulphate and organic material are present.  MN30 is a propriety blend containing nitrates that prevent septic conditions and reduce the formation of H2S compounds that cause odour problems.