Specially blended products to suit a specific process stream to an effluent plant (Primary and Secondary) or mining facility treatment lagoon are catered for here at Atana

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Specialist Products

Atana provide specialist products to suit individual site needs in order to achieve discharge consents and/or meet requirements for secondary or tertiary treatments. 

  • Phosclear C - phosphate removal
  • TAC40 - River extract, bore hole water and mining treatment
  • CAC10 - Mining and run off water treatment
  • MP20 - Metal precipitant Aerospace and Mining 
  • SIS1831 - Mining and run off water treatment
  • PA35 - polyamine coagulant
  • Micro-nutrients - biological process nutrients 
  • Urea - Biological process nutrient
  • Formula 33 - freeze dried bacterial cultures
  • Cofloc - Organic amphoteric co-polymer for iron removal in waste waters, settlement aid and coagulant at high and low pH’s